dental crownsWhat exactly is a crown?

Also known as a cap, a crown is a fitting that is placed over the remaining portion of a natural tooth. Crowns are ideal for protecting teeth that have been weakened by fillings, cracked or broken down. It possesses the shape of a natural tooth and strengthens your existing, damaged tooth so as to preserve its functionality.

Why might I need a crown?

  • Tooth is significantly decayed and there is not enough tooth remaining to support a filling material
  • If a large portion of your tooth has fractured and cannot be built up
  • If you have had a dental implant to replace a missing tooth
  • After root canal treatment, a crown is often needed to strengthen the tooth
  • Damaging your teeth through grinding or acidic erosion
  • For cosmetic reasons, to improve the aesthetics of your smile

How long will a crown usually last for?

Dental crowns at United Dental Care are of the highest standard, but, as with your natural teeth, the lifespan of a crown will depend entirely on how well they are cared for.